Bills and Beers: A Buffalo Bills Podcast

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2020 Free Agency

Not going anywhere for a while? Grab an XL lo-fi version of Bills and Beers, now featuring non-expert COVID-19 musings from an actual medical professional! Also free agency and Stefon Diggs talk. GO BILLS!


That'll do it for the 2019 season. A real crusher. But if this team can stay healthy, then all the foundation talk will come to form in 2020, you can bet on that. GO BILLS!

Week 16 Patriots

By now there are many aspects of the biannual Pats* matchup which have become excruciatingly reliable--not least of which are the highly vulgar podcasts that follow. You've been warned. We're going to the playoffs, resting the starters, GO BILLS.

Week 15 Steelers

We're in, baby. The Buffalo Bills are in the postseason and many of the stigma plaguing this franchise have been laid to rest. Let's not waste anymore time, and get into it. GO BILLS!!

Week 14 Ravens

With house money, the Bills went all in on red and came up 7 points short to the best team in football. Now begins the stretch that matters, so here's hoping they fix what ails them as the postseason draws nigh. GO BILLS!

Week 13 Cowboys

Happy Thanksgiving INDEED! The whole world was watching while Josh Allen and these Bills put an exclamation point on their now 9-3 record. We've got 10 days to savor and enjoy this one before Baltimore comes to town, so LAP IT UP, BILLS NATION!

Week 12 Broncos

This might honestly be some of our best work to date, or may be it's the 8-3 record speaking, may be it's the second consecutive decisive win, may be it's the upcoming holiday WHO CARES. Take this on your travels, GO BILLS!

Week 11 Dolphins

We bounced back in a major way today, and also the Bills won! Plenty to be optimistic about as the team puts together the final wins needed for a playoff push, starting with 37 points from the offense. It's going to be a wild ride, GO BILLS!

Week 9 Redskins

And with that, we've matched last year's wins in half the games. It's been an ugly road to 6-2, but one this team hasn't been down since Clinton's first term. So we'll take it. We'll take the win, we'll take the way the AFC is shaping out, and we'll take it straight to Cleveland, GO #BILLS!

Week 7 Dolphins

Winning ugly beats losing pretty, and a 5-1 record is all that matters. This was the first of a three game home stand, and hopefully the post-bye rust has been sufficiently knocked off. GO BILLS!