Bills and Beers: A Buffalo Bills Podcast

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2019 Draft

The wait is over, the picks are in! What did we learn? What did we love? What did we hate? It's still a long time until Week One, all that's left to do is sit back and wait. GO #BILLS!

2019 Offseason

With the All About Allen offseason taking shape, we get some clarity on the #Bills go-forward plans and what we should expect from the draft. Our thoughts on what's transpired, what's already been discussed and what's to come...GO BILLS!  

Week 17 Dolphins

And with THAT, our crew has completed our 10th #Bills season--the FIRST that we've wrangled an episode each week during the regular season for better or for worse. Kyle Williams will be missed, we've been a fan of his from day one, but the future is looking bright in #Buffalo, so let's get into it!

Week 16 Patriots*

A rerun that nobody asked for. But today's pod introduces a brand new, very special segment, so tune in and forget all about the fact that this was yet another stupid #Bills loss, this time to a vulnerable, faltering Pats* team.

Week 15 Lions

Each week that Josh Allen takes a step in his progression he exposes the weaknesses that exist everywhere else on the offense. Yes, an #NFL team should absolutely win if they only give up 13 points, and the #Bills did, so let's chat about it!

Week 14 Jets

The first chapter of Allen v Darnold was a sour one indeed. You'll hear it in our voices, this was a tough and contentious one, but a visit from our good friends at @BBillsMNY got us back on track, thinking good thoughts about days to come as we looked back on dismal days gone by. Go #Bills!

Week 13 Dolphins

#BillsMafia has never had more hope coming out of a crushing loss like today's. The outcome and many things about the game were infuriating, but this may be our cheeriest pod of the year. Onward and upwards, GO #BILLS!

Week 12 Jags

So many stories of the day--the refs, the brawl, The Kid--all bubbling over to form the festering rivalry that is #Bills v Jags. The crew was traveling for Thanksgiving, but we roped in who we could, and even had a special appearance from @RockpileReport, so tune in!

Week 10 Jets

The Matt Barkley era has begun! For the first time in a long time we had a good time watching a #Bills game, and today's win gives us so much more to consider. You gotta hand it to this team, they know how to keep it interesting, GO #BILLS! 

Week 9 Bears

This makes three consecutive weeks in which someone has asked "what the hell are you going to talk about on the podcast?" Well, you'll have to tune in to find out. These are dark days indeed in #Bills nation, and we make no promises for lightening the mood. Sorry, not sorry.%ALT_TXT%%