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Week 8 Patriots* (2020)

We were all much happier when expectations were much lower. Heavy is the head, Bills Mafia, but at least it's our turn to wear the crown.

Week 13 Cowboys

Happy Thanksgiving INDEED! The whole world was watching while Josh Allen and these Bills put an exclamation point on their now 9-3 record. We've got 10 days to savor and enjoy this one before Baltimore comes to town, so LAP IT UP, BILLS NATION!

Week 7 Colts

And now we're screaming. This is a self-made disaster and it's infuriating, so we recorded a postgame podcast for #BillsMafia to ignore. Can't blame them, really. This #Bills team is a disgrace. Next: The Pats* on MNF. Awesome. Go Bills?

Week 6 Texans

Oh, what's up, #Billsmafia? You thought that just because that game left you speechles that we were too? Ha, fat chance. This is season 10 of BnB and the #Bills haven't crushed our spirits yet. Sure, this is unfathomably one of the darkest points for the franchise, but whatever, a podcast we shall record: GO BILLS!

Week 4: Packers

Well that was awful. Up down, up down, up down, up down: probably what we can expect for the 2018 #Bills season and today was, well, down. It's enough to drive #BillsMafia insane. With 12 weeks to go, it's anyone's guess which team will show up week to week, GO BILLS!

Week 2 Chargers

So many questions remain after today's "performance." Chief among them the thing that's hampering The Kid's development most: the O-Line, the receivers or the defense that can't stop...anything. Also: Vontae Davis? WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON!? Listen in, we try to make sense of it, GO #BILLS!

Week 1: Baltimore


Well, the #Bills couldn't have asked for a worse start. Quarterback questions loom, and the inevitable step back seems to be fully upon us. These are the times that try our mettle, #BillsMafia, so listen likewise! Subscribe on #iTunes if you haven't already, and tell everyone you know in Bills Nation how you found this podcast, GO BILLS!

2018 Preseason Recap

From this day forward, #BillsMafia will remember this night as The McCarron Game, probably, may be. The regular season is only about a week away and #Bills fans everywhere are ready to see what this team has to offer. We last checked in on draft night, so there's plenty to cover before the real fun begins, GO BILLS!


The 2018 Draft (Round 1)

It finally happened...TWICE! #Buffalo goes up and gets the guy who will quarterback their offense, then goes up again to get the guy who will quarterback their defense. Allen, of course, being the headline here and a polarizing selection for #Bills fans everywhere. Only time will prove the true value of these picks. Until then, we can only hope...GO BILLS!

2018 Free Agency…Holy Crap, It’s Happening

The fix is in! #Buffalo is putting all its eggs in the franchise QB basket and we STILL have another six weeks before learning how this all plays out. It's been a stupefying ballet of strategic moves that have led to this moment in time and we're all left to fixate on what the future holds. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE, WHAT A TIME TO BE A #BILLS FAN, GO BILLS!

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