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The Hollywood Bills

August 28, 2009

Week by week, the crew at Bills and Beers will be selecting candidates to be cast in: "Miracle on Ice: The True Story of the Buffalo Bills Perfect 2009 Season."  Then we'll turn the casting over to you, the listener, and let you vote on the actor/actress who will portray our beloved players.

The_Wire_Poot.jpg Tray Chaney as Roscoe Parish roscoe.jpg

Bruce.jpg Bruce Willis is Brian Moorman moorman.jpg

donald.jpg Donald Faison as A. Maybin    aaron.jpg

PomaikaiBrown.jpg This guy as Kawika Mitchell     mitchell_kawika.jpg

mrburns.jpg Montgomery Burns as Ralph    Ralph-Wilson1.jpg

Ricky-Gervais-as-David-Brent-ricky-gervais-366305_1024_768.jpg Ricky Gervais as Alex Van Pelt 090319_VanPeltAlex_300.jpg

MichelleMonaghan.jpgMichelle Monaghan will play Trent's love interest.

animal_muppet_13.jpg Animal is Marshawn Lynch    marshawn.jpg

wooderson.jpg McConaughey as Young Dick dickjauron.jpg

fabio.jpg Fabio as Paul Posluszny         paul.jpg

Photo63.jpg Lars as Geoff Hangartner       geoff.jpg

n1.jpg McNugget as Rosenhaus        drew2.jpg

mnightshyamalan.jpg M.Night Shamalamamama will direct

suzanne-somers.jpg Suzanne Somers will coach the Jills

laettner.jpgC.Laettner as Fitzpatrick       fitz.jpg

ceelo.jpg Cee-Lo as Perry Fewell         Perry.jpg

dolph-lundgren.jpg Dolph plays a peanut selling simpleton